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Periodically we make available maintenance updates to our products. This page contains links to files we have made available here for download free of charge.

Note: If a particular download is available only to registered customers of the appropriate product, you will be prompted for a user name and password to begin the download, and you may also need to enter further license information to install the update once downloaded. If you are a registered customer and you need your download and installation details, please e-mail your request to, quoting:

  • your name,
  • your full contact details,
  • the product and version you currently have,
  • your existing product serial number, and
  • the place and date of your original purchase.

Choose a product: VisiMap Professional | VisiMap Viewer

If instead you are looking to re-download a legacy version of one of our products, click here.

VisiMap Professional

The latest version of VisiMap Professional is version 4.2 SP-3. If you currently have version 4.2 installed without the SP-3 update you can use VisiMap Professional's integrated web update facility (choose the "Web Update..." command from the Help menu). Alternatively, you can manually download the SP-3 update here.

If you have a version of VisiMap Professional earlier than 4.2, you can download the latest version via the VisiMap Professional page of our main web site.

VisiMap Viewer

The latest version of the VisiMap Viewer is version 4.2 SP-3. You can download the product via the VisiMap Viewer page of our main web site.
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